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Basic parameters and working principle of led wall washer


In fact, literally speaking, the light that shines on the wall achieves the same effect as water washing. As a decorative lighting, it perfectly outlines the wall of each building. In addition, it has rich colors and green provinces. Electricity, long life, so it is very popular, let us talk about the 4 major characteristics of Led Wall Washer.

4 features of Led Wall Washer:

1, color and color temperature

In general, these products are divided into colorful, full-color and monochrome, and the color temperature is controlled at around 2800-7100k.

2, light angle

Its luminosity is usually narrow, medium and wide, and is about 20, 50, and 120 degrees. At present, the longest range of high-power products is about 5-10 meters.

3, working temperature

If it is used outdoors, then it should pay special attention to its operating temperature, if it can not withstand too high temperatures, then its practicality will be greatly reduced, usually, the standard LED wall washer temperature is generally controlled at 40 - 60 degrees.

4, control method

Its control method is divided into two types. In fact, internal control refers to directly setting the lamp light program inside the lamp, which cannot be adjusted from the outside, and the light can not be changed, while the external control refers to the external link controller, and the irradiation effect is determined through regulation.

Led Wall Washer Selection Notes:

1. Generally speaking, the projection of such lamps is determined by the size of the power. The larger the value, the farther the range is, and thus the greater the required output voltage, so when selecting, the voltage and power can be Block to reference.

2, in the selection, it should also pay attention to its IP protection parameters, which is a direct impact on the quality of one of the factors, usually, the value of more than 65 in the quality of better, so this is an important reference factor.

3, the choice of the other mirror can not be overlooked, it will directly affect the display effect, usually speaking, this style uses a glass reflective lens, if you want to achieve the ideal lighting effect, you should choose a better lens, generally Only light transmittance of 98% is preferred.

Summary: Today, LED Wall Washer has been widely used in many industries. For example, hotels and houses will be applied to such lamps. Therefore, it is more and more popular among the public. Well, the above is about led. Wash the wall light .

led wall washer lighting effect

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